Swimming is fantastic for improving all round fitness without putting any strain on the joints. It’s a great way to ease into a fitness regime as well as being a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. 

At 25m, the pool is spacious and maintains a temperature of approximately 29°c. With designated adults only swim times alongside general swimming, there will always be time to get a few lengths in or you can simply relax in our sauna, steam room or hot tub.


The Swimming Pool timetable is available to download below.

The ‘Adults Only’ sessions are open to Over 16’s, whilst our ‘General Swimming’ sessions are open to all. Parents/Guardians are to ensure that children are always accompanied. During all Public sessions we provide a lane for members who prefer to follow a structured swim. If you are craving more structure… on poolside, ‘SwimFit’ cards can be found providing you with a programme of varied strokes and distances to help keep your swimming regime exciting yet challenging at the same time.   


Take part in our fun Aqua Fit classes; an aerobic workout based in the pool combining resistance training and endurance aerobics. Available On Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s.  


Dinnaton Swim Club offers a comprehensive route to confident swimming and delivers top quality professional coaching following the Amateur Swimming Association guidelines. 

Dinnaton Swim Club is a friendly, family oriented, non profit making association dedicated to providing high quality individual and group swimming sessions. 

Group sessions operate on a Saturday morning between 10.00-12.30 and on a Wednesday afternoon between 15.45-17.15. 

Dinnaton Swim Club also offer one to one lessons for both children and adults. 


Competitive & Squad Swimming

Once a swimmer has the confidence and ability to swim lengths (25 metres) comfortably and has mastered the basics of key strokes, then a natural progression is to the Dinnaton Swim Club squads. Squad training follows a training programme that enables swimmers to become fully proficient at all strokes and capable of entering competitions. 


McCaulay’s Health Club is also home to several self-employed 1:1 Instructors, handpicked by the club. This provides a route to confident swimming and benefits those who are particularly nervous or who do not feel confident learning in a group. It is also aimed at those who are looking to improve technique or stroke with focussed individual coaching. One-to-one lessons usually take place during open public swimming sessions. Available times can be tailored around a customer’s needs and school or work. Prices may vary between the Instructors. For further information, please contact- 01752 892512