Do I need to have a handicap or be a certain standard of golfer to play at Ivybridge GC?

No, all golfers are welcome.

Do i need a set of clubs and golf shoes to play at Ivybridge GC?

Yes. We have hire clubs and shoes available at reception, as well as trolleys. Golf tees, balls & gloves are also available to buy.   

Do i need to be a member to play at Ivybridge GC?

No, all visitors are welcome to take advantage of our all day green fee rate.

If i am a member, how many rounds of golf can i play a year?

Members can play unlimited amounts of rounds per year.

Do i have to book a tee time?

No, all golfers can just sign into reception and play.

Is the course ever closed?

The course is only closed due to adverse weather conditions and for one Saturday morning competition a month. (please contact reception for details).

Does Ivybridge GC have 18 tees?

Yes, we have 2 tee positions for each hole, giving a different perspective to your back 9.

Can i play in competitions and have a handicap?

Yes, but only if you have a Competition & Handicap membership. (Please contact reception if you would like to upgrade)

If i am a Handicap & Competitions member how do i go about getting a handicap?

You need to play 3 rounds of golf with a fellow member, and return your signed cards to reception. Once you have submitted your cards a handicap will be allocated based on your scores.