Once a swimmer has the confidence and ability to swim lengths (25 metres) comfortably and has mastered the basics of key strokes, then a natural progression is to the Dinnaton Swim Club squads. Squad training follows a training programme that enables swimmers to become fully proficient at all strokes and capable of entering competitions. There are 4 different squads, each one of 20 or so swimmers, who train with dedicated coaches at various times during the week. Entry into a squad is based on ability and while normal progression is rising through the squads, swimmers joining the club from elsewhere may well be introduced at a different level. To join the squad team you must be a member of McCaulay’s.


The 4 Squads are as follows, each focussing on differing abilities;

JUNIORS- £17.50 per month

These are our newest squad members who have recently been promoted
to the squad or joined the Club and will start the training programme
designed to bring a swimmer up to competition level for their age group.
As Dinnaton is a competitive swimming club, our training is geared
around all squad members entering competitions. The accent of your
training will be on perfecting your strokes along with starts and turns
rather than winning competitions.

DEVELOPMENT 2- £33.50 per month

Once you have learned how to train properly, the focus will be on learning
to compete. Training will become more challenging though we will still
put emphasis on perfecting technique. You will be encouraged to compete

DEVELOPMENT 1- £41.oo per month

Once you are competent as a competitor, and not until, the accent will be
on training you to win awards. These squad members will train and prepare to race at county and district events. Membership of any squad is
on ability – not age.

PERFORMANCE- £53.00 per month

Swimmers will have met all the criteria for movement to this squad and
will have shown appropriate skill and dedication to train for major events
and success. Members will compete in county, district & national


Details of these squads and requirements can be found on

For more information about squad sessions, please contact the Club
Secretary at info@dinnatonswimming.co.uk.