Dear Member  

As you will be already be aware a new government ruling has been introduced which will affect the use of your membership for a period of time. Because of the high number of calls and emails we are expecting, we are providing this information so that you can easily select your preference.

In the light of the above we are asking all members how they would like us to handle their Direct Debit situation for the next month.

1. Continue to pay your Direct Debit in the normal way, so that your club can retain key staff and continue to invest in you. If you are happy with this option, no further action is required by you.

2.  Freeze your DD for an initial 1 month’s period, if you choose this option, we will respond with a separate email to confirm your next payment date. If the club continues to be closed after this 1 Month term, we will contact you again before that payment is due to freeze the payment for a further period of time.

3. Continue to pay your DD on the due date but pay 50% of the monthly amount to support your club.

Please contact Ashbourne Membership Management:

Phone: 01564 741837