Q: This is a fantastic offer, what is the catch?
A: Well there isn't one. Our aim is to provide the very best gym with ALL of the frills at the most affordable price possible.

Q: What does 'no contract' mean?

A: Exactly that. You must pay for one month's membership by direct debit and after that you can cancel at any time providing you give a minimum of one months notice. To cancel, please contact Ashbourne on 0871 271 2088 and they will process your request. We also offer 12 or 24 month agreements, this option ties you in for 12 or 24 months. However, the monthly fee is less than the no agreement option.

Q: Can I trial McCaulay's before joining?

A: Yes you can. Day passes are available for sale on this website.

Q: Will The Gym be staffed?

A: McCaulay's gyms are always fully staffed for your safety. Unlike other low other low cost gyms we always have staff on site and don't rely on someone watching CCTV somewhere else in the country!

Q: What are the opening times?

A: Plymouth - 6.00am to 10.00pm weekdays and 8am to 8pm at the weekend.

A: Dinnaton - 6.00am to 10.00pm weekdays and 7am to 8pm at the weekend.

Q: Does McCaulay's have a sauna, a steam room, spa and pool?

A: Currently only Ivybrige has a FREE sauna and steam room. Dinnaton also has a swimming pool and jacuzzi that is FREE. Plymouth members can use Ivybridge Health Club at the weekend at no extra charge.

Q: Does McCaulay's offer car parking?

A: At Dinnaton the parking is FREE.

A: At Plymouth we do have onsite parking – a nominal charge is payable at the parking machine.  Alternatively you can park for FREE in the car park behind the "Reel" cinema from 6pm to 8am.

Q: Does McCaulay's offer classes?

A: Yes we do. Classes can be booked at reception or through the members area of the website.

Q: Do you supply paper towel dispensers to wipe down equipment?

A: Unlike other low cost gym operators we do supply paper towels so you can wipe down equipment after use as a courtesy to other members and help us keep the gyms clean and hygienic.

Q: Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

A: Yes, we provide a FREE hour induction in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this.

Q: Do I need an induction?

A: Although an induction is not compulsory it is highly recommended. The induction is free of charge, please book your induction at reception.

Q: How heavy are your free weights?

A: Our plates go up to the value of 25kg each with a total value of 4ookg. Dumbells go up to 50kg.

Q: Will I be issued with a McCaulay's membership card?

A: On your 1st visit you will be issued a membership card and your photo will be taken. This membership card also gets you discounts at other local businesses. Click here for more details.

Q: Are there changing facilities?

A: Yes, we provide showers, lockers and toilets. Lockers are only to be used for the duration of your training session.

Q: Will personal training be available?

A: Yes, this is available at an additional cost either on a one-to-one or group basis.

Q: Do you have a Beauty Salon?

A: Yes, we have a salon at each of our clubs. Click here for details.

Q: What is the minimum age to join?

A: You need to be 16 years old to join McCaulay's. Obviously if you are a child you can come with your parents to Ivybridge as a child. Children’s membership is £1.99 per month and includes FREE crèche.

Q: Do you offer student discount?

A: Yes, we do if you have a valid NUS extra card. You will need to have this ID on your 1st visit after joining.

Q: Can I use my membership at a different locations?

A: All Ivybridge members can use Plymouth for FREE. All Plymouth members can use Ivybridge for FREE at the weekend.


Q: Is it possible to change my Direct Debit date?

A: Yes this is possible. Our Direct Debit partners, Ashbourne can process this for all members. You can contact them on 0871 271 2088

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: Please contact Ashbourne on 0871 271 2088 and they will process your request.

Q: How do I freeze my membership?

A: You are able to freeze your membership. Please contact Ashbourne on 0871271 2088 and they will freeze your membership. Please note that it will be frozen immediately.

Q: Can I end my membership early if I have taken the contract option? 

A: If you move more than 15 miles away from both clubs you can cancel your membership.

A: If you are diagnosed with a terminal medical condition you can cancel your membership.
Please contact Ashbourne on 0871 271 2088

Q: Do I have to pay a joining fee?

A: All memberships are subject to a £20 joining fee (except kids who are £5).


Q : Will I be safe at McCaulay's Gym?

A : Yes! We are always fully staffed and each McCaulay's gym is monitored via extensive CCTV coverage.

Q : Is the McCaulay's website secure?

A : Yes, the membership application form on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your Personal and Banking details will be kept private. Please refer to our privacy statement on the website for further details.

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